The path toward an operatic career is replete with obstacles. Performers may find themselves trapped in a huge no-man's-land between their academic training and the professional world. Many aspiring singers are only peripherally exposed to language-based training, operatic performance practice, pro-level stage craft and historic operatic traditions. Often, professor/performers are not allowed the luxury of concentrating on their own art. This may result in a gap between academic and performance resumes, or an estrangement from the professional performance community. If you relate to any of the above, The Professional Advantage is for you.

Learning alongside mentors
Are you marketable? Will your students be? One needs to know how to get hired and stay working in a changing industry. To discover this, you need ACCESS to those who have done and are doing so. Everyone's road to a career is different and marked with failures as well as triumphs. There is no singular path to success. We offer you the opportunity to learn from a select group of diverse mentors.

The Professional Advangage provides career development for singers and accompanists who are at varied stages in their careers. Current and emerging professional singers and collaborative pianists address the need to polish language and performance skills, learn Italian repertoire, and add European performance credentials to their resumes. Music faculty seeking depth and breadth of experience find that performing in such an immersive, authentic opera environment is just what they need. We accept participants who have recently completed advanced degree or performance programs, along with serious-minded undergraduate and graduate students with the talent and maturity to actuate the program's unique advantages. We have had former professionals giving themselves the opportunity to perform again in a supportive setting, and current professionals eager to improve skills away from the pressure of the industry. Whether our participants come to ignite or re-ignite their careers, they hone skills and find new perspectives amidst splendid surroundings.
Amy Johnson & Vernon Hartman