The Professional Advantage curriculum is designed for those seeking a European performance experience, career development, instruction in language and cultural study.

The days begin with language instruction in the morning followed bv the traditional Italian mid-day pause. Rehearsals and lessons take place in the afternoons and evenings. You will have most of Saturday and all of Sunday free.

Performance Instruction
One hour minimum per week of private instruction with a professional performer along with a member of the musical staff. Both of our singer/teachers are known for their sound techniques and diverse careers. Because they will be joined by one of our conductor/coaches, you can acquire a tremendous amount of knowledge quickly. You may use your time with them to obtain information for yourself and your students.

One hour minimum per week of private coaching with one of our conductors or coach-accompanists. Faculty has been chosen based on their knowledge of and participation among the industry’s highest levels.

Language Instruction
Intensive course, small-classroom study of the Italian language taught by native speakers trained in Italian language instruction from the University of Urbino: Fifteen hours per week, split between grammar and conversation. Included are excursions to places such as the market as well as to select local merchants, both in an effort to absorb the unique culture of Italy and for the practical application of the language. It is significant that the town of Mercatello sul Metauro is almost exclusively Italian-speaking, and the residents are aware of the presence of foreign students and are unfailingly encouraging in those students’ attempts at conversing in Italian.